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UIM- unable to rediscover a device which was previously deleted


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Previously a device was deleted from USM in an attempt to resolve metric discovery issues.
This device was deleted with the option "Prevent rediscovery" checked.
Need to rediscover and redeploy a robot back to this device.
When performing a rediscovery now, the device does not appear in the USM portlet in UMP


UIM 8.51


In UIM 8.5.1 there is option to remove a device through USM.

If a device is removed through USM with “Prevent rediscovery” option enabled, the device is placed in black-list, which discovery_server uses the below CSV file to maintain the list.


Note that incoming inventory data for devices listed in the black-list, will no longer be saved into UIM database.

If a device is accidentially placed in the list, here is steps to dettach.

1. Deactivate discovery_server probe

2. Remove device from the list

3. Activate discovery_server probe

 If you want to remove the whole list, run discovery_server callback "clear_all_prevented_devices"

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