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DevTest - Garbage Collector Settings


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


If increasing the memory does not solve an out or memory issue or a performance problem, changing to a high performance garbage collector may solve the problem.


All supported DevTest releases.


These settings can apply to any DevTest component.
However, the most common components are Registry, VSE and Portal.

These changes will be made in the .vmoptions for the specific component.
For the Registry, make the changes in both the Registry.vmoptions and the RegistryService.vmoptions files.
Note: Making the change in both vmoptions files is recommended.

If the total memory for the DevTest component is 4 GB or less, add these properties:

If the total memory for the DevTest component is greater than 4 GB, add these properties:

After making the change, the DevTest component must be restarted.