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6.30 version of the CDM probe will not start


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The cdm probe will not start.  See the following in the probe's log file:

Max. restarts reached for probe 'cdm' (command = cdm.exe)

This only occurs with the 6.30 release of the probe.  The 5.80 version starts with no problem.

Running the probe from the command line shows the probe starts running and gets to the point where it is trying to discover running processes when it is terminated and starts initializing again.


UIM 8.51
cdm 6.30


Anti-virus running on this Windows robot detected that the cdm.exe binary was attempting to read the memory of the lsass.exe process.  The anti-virus software determined that the probe was potentially scraping memory by calling the function "NtReadVirutalMemory", so it blocked and terminated the cdm.exe binary.


Configure the anti-virus software to "whitelist" the cdm.exe process.

The recommendation is to configure anti-virus software to prevent it from monitoring everything found under the <installPath>\Nimsoft directory on systems where UIM robots are deployed.