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Configure the DB so it can work on new server


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CA Business Service Insight


PLEASE NOTE THE ISSUE IS ON CA BUSINESS SERVICE INSIGHT 8.3.5 Hi, actually we are using the 8.2.5 version of BSI and we have installed the 8.3.5 version. We need a procedure to migrate all the data in the older version to the new version.


Component: OBLCRE


In order to help you, we have to have in mind that the migration have to be in many steps, because we have to trespass the database and on the new server you will have to run the migration from the version CA BSI 8.2.5 to CA BSI 8.3.5 , configure the DB so it has the new server names that it will use. said this: 


- First of all you have on the new Oracle server to install the new version Oracle version. 
- Using the setupDB version 8.3.5, procedure create and enable the Oracle oblicore database 
- On the new Application and Web server you will have to install CA BSI 8.3.5. just like a new installation. 
- Verify that all is working well on the CA BSI APPLICATION AND WEB server 
- Stop all CA BSI services on the NEW SERVER. 
- Stop all CA BSI services on the old server 
- Backup the DB CA BSI on the old server and restore it on the new server. 
- Run the Migration Step on the New server with the old BSI DB (migration 8.2.5 to 8.3.5) 
- Modify the config.ini on the new server so the old DB has the new setting. 
- Modify the Adapters to start on the new server. 

I hope I have answered your question, please let us know if you do need anything else I would like to help