Get Clarity logs from Security.logs in UI
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Get Clarity logs from Security.logs in UI


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How can you get the Clarity logs as an On-Demand (SaaS) customer or as an OP customer without connecting to the server in the backend. Is it possible to get the Clarity logs from the UI? 


You can retrieve the Clarity logs using these steps:

1.  Log into the Clarity as a user with admin privileges.
2.  Delete everything after action: in the URL and append "security.logs"
Example: http://SERVERNAME:PORT/niku/nu#action:security.logs

This will bring you to the logging console.  Here you can select the log you want to view in the dropdown on top, and the amount (size) of that log you want to view, then click Go to view it, or Download to download the log file.

i.e. if you are asked to get bg-ca.logs:

  1. Filter for bg-ca.log
  2. Set the size to 10M
  3. Click Go
  4. Click Download 
  5. Repeat for the backup logs
  6. Send all downloaded logs to Support for review

Backup logs: 

  • We have one current and 3 backup files set up by default for each log, so i.e.
    • bg.dwh.log (CURRENT)
    • bg.dwh.log.1
    • bg.dwh.log.2
    • bg.dwh.log.3
  • The information gets moved from the most recent, to the oldest file (.3). The default size is 5M for all OOTB logs so we want to set the Size to the max of 10M

Additional Information


  • Note that adding any logging categories or changing any existing logging that is set up in place can greatly affect performance of Clarity, and could have negative effects on product usage
  • Only make changes when you are asked to do so by Broadcom Support and revert back immediately after retrieving the logs