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Unable to schedule project work for weekend / Durations do not count weekend days in PPM


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If a task start or finish dates are set to a non working day (IE Saturday or Sunday where the base calendar has set these days as non working days), after auto scheduling, the date will change to a working day in CA Project & Portfolio Management (PPM).

Additionally, task durations do not include non working days set in the base calendar, even if the resource assigned to the task is available to work that day. Example: Saturday is a non working day in the Standard Calendar, but Resource1's calendar is updated so that Saturdays are working days. If Resource1 is assigned to a task on the project, and the task duration includes a Saturday, it will not count Saturday as part of the task's duration.


Component: ODPRM


This is working as designed as PPM looks at the standard calendar to see if the days are set as working days or not and schedules based on the standard calendar.

  • The task duration is calculated based on the base calendar and does not take into account the resource assignment calendar. Any exceptions in the base calendar automatically affect the duration value. (This is as referenced in the documentation at Edit Project Tasks
  • When Auto Scheduling: If it is a non working day, it will move the date to a working day. 

Workaround 1:

To allow tasks to be scheduled on a non working day, update the base calendar to reflect these days as working days.

Example, below are the steps to update the Standard Calendar to allow tasks to be scheduled on weekends:

  1. Go to Administration->Project Management->Base Calendars and click on the Standard Calendar
  2. Check the check boxes next to Sat and Sun and then click the 'Make Workday' button
Note: This workaround will only work at the base calendar level, but not at the resource calendar level. 

Workaround 2: 
To workaround the behavior where the task duration does not count non working days such as weekends, you can create a custom calculated attribute. (Or a String attribute if you want to manually add the duration).
  • For step by step instructions on How to Build a Calculated Attribute that Calculates the Duration to include Non Working Days in PPM, see the following KB that walks you through the process: KB000113771