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How to fix Endevor E2E Element Logging format issue


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I have noted that there are two different formats for the E2E Element Log. 

Format one log:
 BROWSE    /shared/ndvrlog/ndvrsbx/elmlog/201804201 Line 0000000000 Col 001 080
 Command ===>                                                  Scroll ===> CSR 
********************************* Top of Data **********************************
{"actiontype":"ELM","action":"ADD","actiondate":"20180420","actiontime":"10011932","actionuserid":"TSUENDC","actionccid":"111 etc...
******************************** Bottom of Data ********************************

Format two log:
BROWSE    /shared/ndvrlog/ndvrsbx/elmlog/201804201 Line 0000000000 Col 001 080
 Command ===>                                                  Scroll ===> CSR 
********************************* Top of Data **********************************
"actioncomment":"test add scripts",                                             
"sitename":"*** UNITED HEALTH GROUP ENDEVOR ***",                              

Format two is the correct JSON format according to Endevor document, how to fix the format one issue ? 


Release: ENDAE.00200-18-Endevor-Software Change Manager


APPLY PTF SO04906 & SO05387. The second PTF is just a Web Services mainframe component because of a fix to the EN$TRMOD trace.

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