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Unable to copy cost plan in PPM if there is a submitted budget plan in classic view


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Users copying Project Cost Plans in PPM/Clarity that already have a submitted budget are unable to do so in the Classic View. Instead they get the message 'Error A submitted budget already exists'. 

Steps to reproduce: 
  1. Log into CA PPM and a create financially enabled project or use an existing one 
  2. Make sure there are some resources or add some to the project team 
  3. Create a Cost Plan 
  4. Populate the Cost Plan using the action 'New from Investment Team' 
  5. As this should be the Plan of Record use the Action Submit Plan of Record for Approval 
  6. Now select the action Copy Cost Plan 
Expected result: The cost plan is copied 
Actual Result: The cost plan does not get copied, it returns message, 'Error A submitted budget already exists.' 


CA PPM and 15.4.1


Due to defect DE41768


This issue is fixed in PPM 15.5.1.

Workaround: Use the New User Experience to copy Cost Plan.

Additional Information

KB000124783 - Unable to Submit PPM Cost Plan for approval in PPM