Not able to Get DevTest Metrics for Suites Executed through lisa-invoke
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Not able to Get DevTest Metrics for Suites Executed through lisa-invoke


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


We used to get monthly suite executions when we used ANT to trigger the suites. Now that we are using Lisa-Invoke we are not able to capture how many suites were executed for a specific time period. 

We pull this report from the Enterprise Dashboard using the Export Usage Audit Data. Select time period.


Component: ITKOTF


This is a timing issue.


This is a timing issue: 

You will see the Workstation column if the reports were executed from the Workstation, you will see a DevTest Portal column if executing from DevTest Portal.

Regression runner should show if executing from Jenkins. 

The caveat is, that it takes some time (by default i think it is 60 mins) when data is sent to Enterprise Dashboard. The columns are read from the Enterprise Dashboard database so if there are no data for Workstation ( or data are not send from registry(workstation) to dradis yet) then they wont show up on report. 

Regression Runner column only shows up if a report was run from a user with a role of Runtime User. 

Test invoke API can return suite information for suites executed by time period: Test Invoke API 

The developer says of these counts: 

These counts are passed/aborted/failed tests in suites that were executed. 

To get statistics about how many suites were executed, 


In the report there is "count" field with the total suites number.