WinNTC functions will not build C1083
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WinNTC functions will not build C1083


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CA Plex


Build WinNTC Server functions fail with errors similar to the following:

Fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file: '..\..\..\..\..\..\_OBCORE.CPP': No such file or directory" 

Fatal error C1083: Cannot open precompiled header file: 'C:\Plex Local Models 7_1\ETAS\WinNTC\Server\Gen\Release\obj\obrt.pch': No such file or directory". 


CA Plex


1.  Check if you are using current supported 3rd party software for CA Plex

2.  Check if .NET is installed

3.  Check that Windows system environment variables are set correctly for Java_home

4.  Check that the “CA Plex Windows C++ Application Server” is installed.

5.  Try reinstalling the CA Plex dispatcher

-    Open Command Prompt (cmd.exe) (Run as Administrator) 
-    Go to Plex installation folder (\ca\7.2.1\AppServer\bin) and execute below commands

Ob600BM.exe /i 
OB600DP.exe /i

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