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Refreshing WEB UI elements after having applied DCI PTFs


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Dynamic Capacity Intelligence


Some CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence (DCI) PTFs have the following comments in SMP/E HOLD section:

                      * STEPS    TO    PERFORM *                    
After SMP/E work is complete, rerun customization job $05USS (located
on the CFHRSAMP library) with the replaced HTTPINST/HTTPINSTB element
located on the CFHRDATA library to apply the updated GUI elements. 
Please see the CA DCI 2.0 installation guide for more information.  

Customization job $05USS "untars" a file and install the USS part and the GUI: is a new USS directory required or the existing one can be used? 


Release: ALL
Component: CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence


If multiple PTFs have been applied, install those fixes in ascending order  but do not run $05USS.
After the last fix is applied, execute $05USS.
Reason for doing it this way is we always deliver the whole new GUI. If $05USS must be executed, this means that a new version (or revision) for DCI GUI is available.
Normally it is best to “untar” the files into the existing folder structure in USS. In this way, the old GUI version will be overwritten with the new GUI.

The GUI and USS elements can be “untarred” on a complete different structure. But in this way the new GUI elements are on the new directory while the data like reports, policy and so on are in the old directory. Then all the references to the GUI directory must be updated, for example on the JCL for the Controller and on http.config.
A customer can do that, but it is not recommended.

Additional Information

CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence documentation:
Job/Member $05USS - Install the USS and GUI components