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CA Client Automation Upgrade fails with error "Process could not be created, error code <193>"


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CA Client Automation Upgrade fails during the MDB and Manager component upgrade with error 1603.
The installation log shows the following error lines.

220818-12:54:43.5015018L|007304|00000acc|ITRM |SQLServerInstall|InstallDb2.cpp |000727|DETAIL | run command: <D:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\Mdb\Windows\jre\bin\java.exe -Djava.library.path=".\lib" -classpath .\lib\log4j-1.2.8.jar;.\lib\ojdbc14.jar;.\lib\sqljdbc.jar;.\setup.jar;.\;.\msql\post_install.sql ca.cms.mdb.setup.Setup -cfg -a checkprereq_install/install/verifyschema/addusers/postinstall> 
220818-12:54:43.5015439L|007304|00000acc|ITRM |DatabaseInstalle|InstallDb.cpp |000208|DETAIL | LaunchCmd start 
220818-12:54:43.5020440L|007304|00000acc|ITRM |DatabaseInstalle|InstallDb.cpp |000297|DETAIL | LaunchCmd: Process could not be created, errro code <193> 
220818-12:54:43.5020912L|007304|00000acc|ITRM |DatabaseInstalle|InstallDb.cpp |000321|DETAIL | LaunchCmd end return <FALSE> 
220818-12:54:43.5021281L|007304|00000acc|ITRM |SQLServerInstall|InstallDb2.cpp |000731|ERROR | Launching Command failed 
220818-12:54:43.5021549L|007304|00000acc|ITRM |SQLServerInstall|InstallDb2.cpp |000732|DETAIL | Init: end 
220818-12:54:43.5023404L|007304|00000acc|ITRM |DBAfterCopy |DBAfterCopy.cpp |000250|ERROR | Schema installation failed [7] 


Release: UASIT.99000-12.9-Asset Intelligence


CA Client Automation - 12.9, 14.x


This error occurs if the Java version being used to launch the MDB/Manager installation is older than the required version.
ITCM 12.9 requires Java version - 1.7.0_67 
ITCM 14.x requires Java version - 1.8.0_92

1. Validate the version of Java installed with the ITCM installation,
     a) Using the command prompt navigate to the ..\CA\SC\Mdb\Windows\jre\bin
     b) Run 'java -version' to confirm.

2. If the Java version is older than the version listed above:
    a) Rename the ..\CA\SC\Mdb folder
    b) Copy the ..\CA\SC\Mdb folder from another server to the ..\CA\SC folder. Before copying, validate that the source server is at the ITCM version that you are upgrading to, and the Java version is as per the version listed above,
Alternately, you can try copying  the contents of ..\WindowsProductFiles_x86\mdb\JRE folder from the ITCM installation media to the ..\CA\SC\Mdb\Windows\jre folder.
3. Relaunch the upgrade installation.

Note: If an instance of Java.exe launched by another application is in the memory, it is recommended that this instance is killed first before launching the upgrade installation.