CA Performance Management log in page returns HTTP 500 error
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CA Performance Management log in page returns HTTP 500 error


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


The CA Performance Management (CAPM) CA Performance Center (CAPC) web server UI is returning http 500 errors when attempting to log in. It was previously functioning normally and this error appears suddenly and unexpectedly.

The error continues after restarting the CAPC services.


All supported CA Performance Management releases


The CAPC servers /tmp/ribcache directory is consuming all available space in the /tmp directory.


The /tmp/ribcache directory on a CAPC server contains RIB documents downloaded from the CA Data Aggregator (DA). They are used to provide faster RIB call responses during normal CAPC operation.

These are meant to be temporary but some instances have shown them causing a disk space issue in the /tmp directory.

CAPC requires 4GB of space in /tmp for normal operation.

To resolve this:
  1. Stop the CAPC services.
  2. Delete all files within the /tmp/ribcache directory.
  3. Start the CAPC services.

Use Knowledge Base Article ID kb000032043 for CAPC Service stop and start instructions.

Additional Information

Note that when the CAPC services start after deleting the /tmp/ribcache, they will download the Data Aggregator RIB documents into /tmp/ribcache.

Initially it will take longer for CAPC to complete RIB calls against the DA.

Once the RIB documents have been fully downloaded, the next restart of CAPC services will allow DA RIB calls sooner since the RIB docs will be in the cache.