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ews_response probe not collecting roundtrip data


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


ews_response probe is setup, but when reviewing in UMP, we're not seeing Roundtrip data displayed.  Need to determine why we can see QOS_Exchange_Mail_Send but QOS_Exchange_Mail_Roundtrip is not available.


ews_response 2.04


The monitored mailbox must receive an email with the message id in the body.  If a message isn't received in response or if the message doesn't have that id in the body, the roundtrip metric will not be able to be calculated.


If the message isn't received, be sure that the auto-reply/auto-forward rules on the aws server are properly configured to send.

If the message doesn't contain the message id in the body, be sure that the aws email rules are properly configured to include the body of the original message.