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CI import stuck with message Updates to superseded CIs are redirected


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Trying to run a Ci export into the CMDB after the info message "<!--INFO: Updates to superseded CIs are redirected. -->"
Next CIs show the following Error "<!--ERROR: Not found: MDR name(OneClick) MDR class(SPECTRUM)--> " and CI are not created or updated.


SMD 14.1.X
Cora version:



When an asset is registered, CORA generates the asset uuid (ca_asset) by applying a black-box logic to the following six properties:
  • Serial Number
  • Asset Tag (appearing as Alt Asset ID)
  •  Host Name
  •  Mac Address
  •  DNS Name
  •  Asset Label (Name)
CORA applies the following weighting system to these properties to determine if a match exists. Since certain properties are considered “more important” than others, CORA will recognize a duplicate based on those values alone.

If there are some of these records crossed, in different CI (active or inactivat) then the CORA detects this as Superseded CIs and breakup the import.


in the file import find the CI that appear in the error output log that show the  INFO message
"<!--INFO: Updates to superseded CIs are redirected. -->" and via SDM confirm that there is no other CI inactive that contain same information that is in new CI file import.
If there is an inactive CI with same info, then will need to be edited manually with different values and saved.
Then re run the Ci import.

If issue persist this CI can be removed from the load file and analyzed later to find any duplicated field in the SDM environment.


Additional Information

To understand better how Cora validation calculation works please see the following post: