DUAS: "uxstr EJB" - different response time in v5 versus v6
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DUAS: "uxstr EJB" - different response time in v5 versus v6


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Execution of "uxstr EJB" command takes longer in version 6 than in version 5:

$UXEXE/uxstr EJB JNDI=<jndi> EJBNAME=<name ejb> EJBMETHOD=<method ejb> EJB_PARAMFILE=<f. EJB.parameter>

In Dollar Universe version 5 it takes around 50 msec,  in Dollar Universe 6 the takes around 80 msecs.



All supported OS


The difference of performances is due to the "Manager for Java" design that has been redone in version 6. 
This is by design.


In version 6, the Manager for Java has been developed as a complete generic operational server.
It contains not only the code for EJB and JMS, but also new type of features for SOAP and REST.
It is based on the Jersey Grizzly server and on the Apache's HTTP application layer, whereas the version 5 had a Copyright Protocol.

The Dollar Universe code uses a new copyright protocol which is similar to  "Google Protocole Buffer".
All these enhancements had the scope to produce a generic and stable application, likely to integrate additional enhancements.

These are the reasons why the version 6 module cannot be compared with its counterpart in version 5 and why it is more resource consuming.

In real life, this should have only a limited impact, however, because servers are more and more powerful and prone to handle the generated load.