Verify CA SSO Policy Server Version
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Verify CA SSO Policy Server Version


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


In some cases, you need to know the exact version of the CA SSO Policy Server.  The exact version includes the major release, service pack (SP), cumulative release (CR) and build number.  This is especially the case when reviewing release notes for fixes and opening cases with CA SSO Support.

How to verify the version of the CA SSO (Siteminder) Policy Server on both Windows and UNIX. Once the version number is identified, how to decipher the numeric numbering convention to determine exact details of the version installed. Finally, how to determine version by the build number. 


Component: SMPLC



1) Open Windows Explorer 
2) Browse to [<install_dir>\CA\siteminder\install_config_info] 
3) Open the file "" 

Windows (Alternative)

1) Open a command-prompt 
2) run "version" 



1) Browse to [<install_dir>/CA/siteminder/install_config_info ]
2) open the file "" 

In both cases, you can review the full version. 

Version Format: 


Examples: = r12.52 SP01 CR01 Build: 640
12.7.0200.1609 = r12.7 SP2 CR:00 Build: 1609


On the 'CA SSO Support Page', you can select "CA SSO Supported Configuration Index", at that top of the supported config. index select the link for "Build Mappings", then select the HTML link for "CA SSO Released Product Information Matrix". This will give you break down of versions by build number specifically. 


Additional Information

###### REFERENCES ####### 

CA SSO Support Page

CA SSO Supported Configuration Index

CA SSO Released Product Information Matrix (Build Mapping):