Proxy settings uniexp or uniimp in DUAS 5.6
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Proxy settings uniexp or uniimp in DUAS 5.6


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


When using a proxy on a Dollar Universe node v5.6 you need to add a specific definition to the proxy file for uniexp and uniimp to work.

If you don't add this definition, the command will not extract and the following error will appear in <DUAS>/exp/log/universe.log:

/u_traite_req_io_prox/000000000 - username (UNI,,UVMS,UVMS) not in proxy table


Release: 5.x
Component: Dollar Universe


Use the following command to add a definition to your proxy file:
$UXEXE/setproxy UNI "*" "UVMS" "UVMS" "<user>" 

where <user> corresponds to the parameter "-login <user>"  that you are using in uniexp or uniimp

Then reload the proxy definition:  
$UXEXE/loadproxy_io node company AREA
...or restart the DUAS instance

Additional Information

In case you are using the command uniupgrade, you will need to create a proxy for the UVC user to be mapped to the administrator user of the node.

For example, if we specify as user "register" in the -login parameter for the uniupgrade command, we need to create a proxy entry to map this user to the dollar universe administrator user of the node ( the one starting the processes), in this case atacsu:

The procedure for defining the proxy in the node NODENAME from the company COMPANY would be:

$UXEXE/setproxy "*" "*" "*" register atacsu