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CA Service Desk Page Display Is Corrupted


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On the production 14.1.04 environment, the Archive and Purge Rule Detail page (detail_arcpur_rule.htmpl) displays oddly, with all of the text squished over to the right side of the frame on a gray background. When clicking Edit, the Configuration Object Name dropdown only displays a "?" character, and no other values can be selected.


Issue may present when using one of the given servers in the AA as the Background Server.  Potential cause is the @NX_DOMSRVR_NAME listing in NX.env being set to a specific server name, ie:  @NX_DOMSRVR_NAME=SERVER1.  

In the running example for archive/purge, the archive purge daemon is unable to connect to the assigned domsrvr, per the above variable setting.


CA Service Desk 14.1 CP4, AA environment


Change @NX_DOMSRVR_NAME=SERVER1 to be set as "ANY", ie:  @NX_DOMSRVR_NAME=ANY 

One should also compare NX.env settings across the BG/Background and SB/Standby Servers