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Spectrum Report Manager not starting up due to missing files


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Reviewing the Spectrum Tomcat Log file errors are seen regarding the service manager tables and a single Report Manager table.
Errors looking like this:
java.sql.SQLException: Can't find file: 'sm_slmagreesto' (errno: 2)
java.sql.SQLException: Can't find file: 'sm_slmmonitors' (errno: 2)
java.sql.SQLException: Can't find file: 'sm_slmuses' (errno: 2)

ERROR 1017 (HY000) at line 21 in file: 'create_v_security_string_accessibility_by_landscape.sql': Can't find file: 'security_string_accessibility_by_landscape' (errno: 2)


Release: Any
Component: SPCRPT


This is caused by missing index files for MyISAM database engine tables.


NOTE: Starting from DX NetOps Spectrum 21.2.4, the default root password for MySql is "MySqlR00t". For DX NetOps Spectrum versions prior to 21.2.4, the default root password is "root". In the following MySql commands, replace <PASSWD> with the root password for your DX NetOps Spectrum version.

Still having the .frm file means we can rebuild the index.

- Log into the system as the user that owns the Spectrum installation

- If on Windows, start a bash shell by running "bash -login"

- cd to the $SPECROOT/mysql/bin directory and enter the following command to log into mysql:

./mysql --defaults-file=../my-spectrum.cnf -uroot -p<PASSWD> reporting

- Enter the following command at the mysql prompt:

repair table security_string_accessibility_by_landscape USE_FRM;

This will need to be done for all of the Service Manager tables that exist in the reporting database.

Additional Information

Attached to the KB is a script called 'repair_sm_tables.sql'.  It has a series of the same command above but can be executed to quicken things up.

Place the script in $SPECROOT/mysql/bin

While still in the mysql prompt type:

\. repair_sm_tables.sql

Output will look similar to this but for each table repaired:

mysql> \. repair_sm_tables.sql
| Table | Op | Msg_type | Msg_text |
| reporting.sm_attributes | repair | warning | Number of rows changed from 0 to 2 |
| reporting.sm_attributes | repair | status | OK |
2 rows in set (0.04 sec)

4. Restart Spectrum Tomcat Service


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