CA Risk Analytics - How to View the Case Queue Status
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CA Risk Analytics - How to View the Case Queue Status


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A Case Queue (or simply a Queue) is a list of cases that are grouped based on criteria, such as Date Created, Date Updated, Number of Open Transactions, and Next Action Date. RA supports multiple Queues for each organization in the system.

How to view the status of the queue(s) for a specific organization in the RA Console.


Production - Risk Analytics


Please find the details below on how to View Queue Status in RA console: 

1. Log in to RA Administration Console. 
2. Click on the “Case Management” title and you will find the Queue Management tab appearing on the left-hand side Menu. 
3. Under the Queue Management section, click on the “View Queue Status” link to display the Queue Status page. 
4. From the Select Organization list, select the Organization whose Queue Status you want to view. You can also search for an organization by typing the first few characters of the organization's name in addition to scrolling and selecting the organization from the drop-down list. 

The page with the updated Queue details appears. 

Note: Diarized cases (not in queue) appear separately along with Inbound Cases (In-Progress). Cases Not Yet Considered for Queue refers to the total number of cases that are new and not yet considered for queuing. 

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On the Queue Status page, you can view the latest statistics related to the DEFAULT Queue. The statistics you can view are:
  1. Total Open Cases
    • Transient Cases in Queue: Number of cases in queue in the server cache.
    • Cases Available in Store: Total number of cases marked in the database for that queue.
  2. Total Diarized Cases: Cases that have been put on hold with a “Next Action Date".
  3. In-Progress Cases: Cases that are in progress.
  4. Total Cases
  5. Number of Administrators Assigned
It also shows the details of the Cases Handled in Last 8 Hours. 


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