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Deactivating Card from CA Transaction Admin Console


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This document will guide how to Deactivating Card from CA Transaction Admin Console. 


CA Transaction Manager 5 & above


Deactivating Card from CA Transaction Admin Console :

1. Login into CA Admin Console.

2. Search for Cardholder Account Inquiry and follow the below steps:

<Please see attached file for image>

Cardholder Account Inquiry
Fig 1 : Cardholder Account Inquiry

<Please see attached file for image>

Enrolled Cardholder
Fig 2: Enrolled Cardholder

3. The service can be cancelled at the card level (classic example would be when it is a single cardholder enrolled in the 3-D Secure program). On the Cardholder account Inquiry screen, de-activation can be achieved by clicking either "Cancel 3-D Secure Service for Card " link that is available on the page or by checking the "Cancel 3-D Secure Service" inside the 'Enrolled Cardholders' table.

4. In CA Transaction Manager Admin Console the status would show "DEACTIVATE_CARD".


Additional Information

Note :

1. When deactivation action is performed , the Enrolled data for the cardholder will be deleted, which implies that the details such as the cardholder password will no longer exist. The card will move into a Pre-Enrolled card state where only the pre-enrolled data will be retained on the system. The cardholder is thereafter eligible to re-register at a later time.

2. 3-D Secure Service can also be deactivated at a cardholder level (a good example of this is when we have Primary and Secondary cardholder registered under the same card). This can be achieved by checking the "Cancel 3-D Secure Service" box for a specific cardholder. Performing this action would result in a status of "DEACTIVATE_CARDHOLDER".


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