Cannot Pull any Reports from Enterprise Dashboard for DevTest 10.1.0


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


When pulling report: "Export Registries To Excel":

Get this error:

{"succeed":false,"errorMessage":"Null value was assigned to a property of primitive type setter of"}

When pulling "Usage Audit Report":

Get this error:

Failed to generate the Usage Audit Report - 500 Server Error

I am seeing this error in the enterprisedashboard.log file:

2018-08-07 17:39:28,585Z (17:39) [Thread-67] WARN groovy.sql.Sql - Failed to execute: SELECT ca.*, c.host_name FROM COMP_ATTR ca, COMPONENT c WHERE ca.comp_uuid = c.comp_uuid AND attr_key = 'VSE Performance' AND ( ( end_tm IS NULL AND ( (start_tm >= '2018-01-01 08:39:17.0') AND (start_tm <= '2018-08-01 06:39:17.0') ) ) OR NOT ( (end_tm < '2018-01-01 08:39:17.0') OR (start_tm > '2018-08-01 06:39:17.0') ) ) ORDER BY start_tm because: Table 'casvdash.COMP_ATTR' doesn't exist
2018-08-07 17:39:28,585Z (17:39) [Thread-67] ERROR - Error generating audit report
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Table 'casvdash.COMP_ATTR' doesn't exist


DevTest 10.1.0


Please open a new support case and refer to Defect DE380458.