Unload/Load of transport case shows different record counts
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Unload/Load of transport case shows different record counts


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When Unloading and then Loading a transport case with one user, the following issue was observed:

No errors to speak of, but the Unload records do not appear to match the Load records. Via the DB Unload log file:

1 Record, 13 subordinate records.

When Loading, we noticed this in the DB Load log file instead:

1 Record, 25 subordinate records.

The user has approximately 10 user group assignments, but these are not moved in the transport case (only the user is transported).


Component: AAUTEN


This is a known issue, and it has been identified for a fix in the following versions of the Automation Engine:

12.1.3 - Planned release September 24th, 2018.
12.0.7 - Planned release January 14th, 2019.
12.2.1 - Planned release October 23rd, 2018.
12.3.0 - Planned release February 28th, 2019

Additional Information

There's no impact that has been found or noticed due to the record counts not matching.