Clear "orphaned" tasks in IT PAM
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Clear "orphaned" tasks in IT PAM


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CA Process Automation Base


We are seeing an issue with Tasks being Orphaned and left on the Task view even though the process that initiated the Task has completed and been purged from the system.

How can we clear these Orphaned Tasks?


ITPAM 4.3 and 4.4


Process instance was aborted leaving a task stuck in pending. Once the process was aborted there may be an orphaned task that you cannot delete through the PAM UI.

There were several fixes for this behavior in the later versions of Process Automation, but it is still possible there could be occasional orphaned tasks that remain after the instance is completed.

If this happens you will need to manually delete it from the database.

You can clear Orphaned tasks with the following SQL:

To select:

select * FROM C2ORuntimeObjects where roid=<taskid>

To Delete:

Delete FROM C2ORuntimeObjects where roid=<taskid>

Note: Get the taskid from the operations dashboard - task view

We also encourage you to upgrade to the current CA Process Automation release as this issue occurs with much less frequency in the later 4.3 releases due to changes made to how instances are handled in the orchestrator.