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Best Practice on performing an upgrade or patch installation


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Clarity PPM On Premise


How do we perform an upgrade or patch installation?
Are there any steps to prepare, execute, or rollback a Clarity PPM upgrade?
The prerequisite of upgrading is finding out who will be performing the upgrade from the Clarity administration server side, database side, and network side.

For SaaS/GCP customers, this will be handled by our Devops team.

For On-Premise customers, this will be handled by a partner.



Please refer to the documentation for the targeted patch/upgrade for details on compatibility.



 1. Make sure a valid backup of the source folders exist:

Clarity PPM application folder
Java folder
Tomcat folder

 2. Make sure a valid backup of the source CA PPM database (MSSQL or Oracle) exists.

 3. Copy the source folders to a destination location/environment.

Clarity PPM application folder
Java folder
Tomcat folder

4. Copy the CA PPM database to a TEST location/environment.

5. Restore the source folders to the destination location/environment.

Clarity PPM application folder
Java folder
Tomcat folder

6. Copy and restore the CA PPM database backup to the destination location/environment.

7. In the destination environment, verify the connection between the Clarity PPM application and database destination works.


8. After verifying the refresh is complete, do the following:
a. Stop and remove the app and bg services.
b. Obtain the installation media and thirdparty library jar file.
c.  Create a working installation folder.
d. Extract the Clarity install.jar and thirdparty library jar files to the working installation folder.
e. Make a copy of the CLARITY_HOME\config\properties.xml;
f. Modify the original CLARITY_HOME\config\properties.xml file to have valid,existing paths
 -current CLARITY_HOME
 -current JAVA_HOME
 -current TOMCAT_HOME
g. Start the NSA service and login.
h. Verify the NSA > Database page shows as 'Available'

9. Run the extracted install.bat or file.

Follow the instructions and provide the correct paths and responses.

10. Allow the upgrade procedure to run the precheck

a.Check for any ERRORS that will cause an upgrade failure by
reviewing the INSTALL\checkinstall\check-logs\precheck-results.html
 If there are any, please correct the error before rerunning the install again.

11. Allow the patch/upgrade procedure to complete.

After done, check the following files:

ROLLBACK (if needed)

NOTE: If there are errors,
a. check error in the INSTALL\logs\checkinstall\
as the application folder and/or database may need to be deleted and restored.

The install checks many folders and files such as the .setup\, maintenance, and lib folders during the phases of installation
so it is important that a clean rollback is performed.

b. Restore the database copy to rollback to the current database copy.

c. Restore the Clarity folder to rollback to the current Clarity copy.

d. Restart the installation process by removing the contents of the temp installation folder and re-extracting the install.jar contents to the folder.

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