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AWA v12.2 - Jenkins plugin fails to create package due to name mismatch


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


After an upgrade of AWA to version 12.2, the Jenkins plugin fails to create new package. This package is not part of the Automic Workload Automation standard installation. It is a plugin available at the automic marketplace.

A user is attempting to upgrade an environment to Automic 12.2 and since the upgrade the Jenkins / CDA plugin fails with the following error message. The user has updated the Jenkins plugin to the latest build from the market place. The plugin worked on the previous Automic version.

Error: Creation of package[143] failed. Reason : Name mismatch: the name of Member with id # is not '100/cdauser/e2e'. Error : Package creation failed. Will not create any package further.


Jenkins Plugin Version 2.0.3
AWA v11.x and v12.x
Jenkins 1.484 or later


The Automic username under the creation package interface has to be in uppercase such as

Server: http://127.0.01
Full Username: 100/[email protected]/E2E
Password: *****************************

Package Name: $BUILD
Package Type: Deployment.