Missing node in snmpcollector template
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Missing node in snmpcollector template


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


While trying to configure a Palo Alto PA 3020 firewall in snmpcollector the device is discovered with the following nodes:

==> <DEVICE>
     ==> System Session Information
          ==> PAN Management
          ==> PAN System
          ==> Session

The same nodes cannot be found anywhere in the templates and therefore the devices need to be configured manually and individually.


snmpcollector 3.43


The metrics that appear under 'PAN Management', 'PAN System', and 'Session' can be found in the snmpcollector template under a generic node called 'System Session Information'

All of the metrics related to the Vendor Certification snmp-pan-management.xml can be found in the following path in the templates:

==> <template> 
     ==> Host 
          ==> System Session Information