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MVS/JES command processor screen does not give a data though we issue the display command


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


While testing the screen OPSVIEW option 6MVS/JES command processor screen does not give a data during display command. Display command gives empty screen which no response received. At the top right of the screen we see the message "NO RESPONSE TO DISPLAY" 

--------------- SYSA --- MVS/JES Command Processor ---- NO RESPONSE TO DISPLAY


Component: OPSMVS


The problem was being caused by the modification of the severity of the message OPS118I.
The original severity of this OPS1180 message is "I" instead of "O" .
Please, execute the following command under your TSO session:
TSO OPSPARM SET(OPS1180) value("I")
Then try again to execute a command in the OPSVIEW 6 panel.
For a permanent solution REMOVE the line below from OPSSPA00 if present:

T = OPSPRM_Set("OPS1180","O")