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[AWA] Secure File Transfer request method


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


We are in the middle of working on a request to transfer files to a vendor via HTTPS POST request. Looking at the delivered Automic File Transfer object and the RA FTP object, I do not see any option for HTTPS. Did not know if this is something in the works or if we have to go outside of Automic to get this transferred. Web Service Perhaps?


Component: ARAINF


It seems you are asking about a secure file transfer request method. Unfortunately, we currently don't have any option for https request in this case. However we are using AES-256 encyption for our transfer file and for RA FTP we also have the SFTP transfer.

You can read more about out file transfer here:

And about the option for encrypt file:

For Web Service solution, currently we don't have any feature like that. You can also raise your idea about that on our community forum: