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Robot not discovered - Not showing in UMP


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


  • New Robot is installed but not discovered into USM
  • Robot is not in discovery_server excluded_devices blacklist
  • All probe discovery queues are correctly configured
  • Robot is connected to secondary hub
Following error is seen in discovery_agent log of secondary hub
[statusUpdater, discovery_agent] Encountered error updating Discovery Agent status to Discovery Server (/Domain/hub/robot/discovery_server): (80) Session error, Unable to open a client session for <ip address of secondary hub>:48022: Connection refused: connect.
The discovery_agent on the secondary hub has port 48017



Component: UIMDIS


discovery_agent is trying to connect to incorrect port and thus gets connection refused


2 steps were taken
  1. changed the setting for discovery_agent in probe administration from write to admin and restarted the discovery_server and discovery_agent probes
    • This did not resolve the issue
  2. restarted the Nimsoft Robot Watcher Service on the secondary hub
    • After this the error was gone from log and the robot was discovered into USM