SafeSEH check for Plex
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SafeSEH check for Plex


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CA Plex


Security Team was running Microsoft's "Safe Structured Exception Handling" (SafeSEH) tests which reports  SafeSEH:False for some CA PLEX DLLs, Why?

Sample Report output:
ARCH      : I386
ASLR       :True
DEP         :True
SafeSEH : False

Why have some CA PLEX DLLs status FALSE for SafeSEH checks?


CA PLEX 7.2.1, Windows 7, Windows 10


SafeSEH option is disabled for incompatible modules, as those modules has dependencies with other modules (e.g. Third Parties) which were built with older version of the C++ compiler. In Plex r7.2.1, compiler upgraded from Visual Studio 2005 to Visual Studio 2013, due to not getting all dependencies built with latest compiler left us to build those modules in /SafeSEH:No option.