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Timesheet is not Visible for a User


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When a user logs into Clarity and goes to Home - Timesheets in Classic UX, the user should be able to see their timesheet, click on it and enter time as long as the user has appropriate access rights. The user is not able to see their timesheet


There are various things that need to be checked to ensure the user is able to enter time. See the Resolution section to validate all fields are set correctly. 


Release: All Supported
Component: Clarity Timesheets


  1. See Timesheets not being approved to verify the appropriate level of access rights are set
  2. Additionally, check to make sure the following is set:
    • Resource is Open for time entry with Track mode Clarity (newer versions referred to as PPM) in Home->Resources
    • Resource is Open for time entry at project team level
    • Project is Open for time entry with track mode Clarity (newer versions referred to as PPM)
    • Task is open for time entry
  3. Check the Allocations and Time Reporting Periods:
    • Ensure that the Resource is allocated to at least one investment for the time reporting period they are looking to enter time.
    • Ensure the time reporting period is open. If the time reporting period is closed, the resource will not be able to see a timesheet for that reporting period.
  4. If the issue is happening in the Classic UI and the user does not have approve rights to the timesheet with the issue, see if changing the timesheets filter field "My Rights" to 'All' instead of 'Approve' allows the user's timeheets to show up correctly.

Additional Information

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