SLA Creation Page Blank When Creating New SLA for a CA7 Job
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SLA Creation Page Blank When Creating New SLA for a CA7 Job


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iDash Workload Automation


When attempting to create a new SLA on a CA7 job, the SLA creation page attempts to display but comes up blank. This only occurs for certain jobs while other jobs will work fine. When this problem occurs, the following exception is seen in the info.log...
18-08-27 14.40.10 [ERROR] java.lang.NullPointerException


CA Workload Automation iDash for CA7 12.0.04
O/S: Any
Database: Any


The root cause for the exception in iDash is bad data from the CA7 database. When loading the flow for the job you are selecting, iDash is encountering a job that has a link to another job that no longer exists. Prior to iDash 12.0.05, this condition would cause iDash to throw a NullPointer java exception in the info.log and the SLA creation page would be blank.


This issue is resolved by upgrading iDash to 12.0.05 and is referenced in the Release Notes...

SLA creation page does not load for certain CA 7 jobs

In previous versions of iDash, the SLA creation page would sometimes not load for certain CA 7 jobs. This was related to the job definition data received from CA 7. If a job in the flow for the potential SLA job contained a trigger definition for a job that was no longer defined in CA 7, the SLA creation page would not display. This situation could be created in CA 7 job definitions by deleting a job without purging that job’s cross references.

With this fix, the SLA creation page will correctly display, even if a job is encountered in the flow that contains a trigger for a job that cannot be found. A warning message will be sent to the iDash logs containing both the triggering job and the triggered job that cannot be found.

The warning message will be similar to the one seen here:

18-05-04 15.14.55 [ WARN] Unable to locate job DELJOB^CA7INST. This job is listed as a triggered job for TRGJOB^CA7INST.