Migrate Trusted Database with CA XCOM for Windows
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Migrate Trusted Database with CA XCOM for Windows


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The previous installed version of CA XCOM for Windows was 11.0. After a new install of XCOM 11.6 SP02 on Windows 2012 R2 server the Trusted configuration must be changed to a database.  Supported databases are MySQL and DB2.


Release: ESPXCM99000-11.6-CA-XCOM Data Transport-Extended Support Plus


The Trusted configuration had changed between 11.5 and 11.6. It will have to be redone. It now uses either a DB2 or MySql database. See Setup Trusted Access.

To migrate the XCOM trusted file from a XCOM V11 system to XCOM V11.6, please follow the instructions below: 

1. From V11 export the trusted registry path 
2. On V11.6 do an import of the registry file 
3. Make sure that you’ve created the database created with the proper tables for Trusted 
4. Make sure you can connect to that database 
5. Run the XCOMTRST utility. 

Also have a look at chapter SETUP TRUSTED ACCESS in the CA XCOM Windows Guide.

Additional Information

Multiple Windows PCs and multiple Linux/UNIX workstations can share the same XCOM Trusted tables. So the full MySQL need only be installed once, but the MySQL ODBC driver must be installed on every platform that shares the database.

Note: Support for the Oracle database is available as a test fix for XCOM for Windows, T54R749, which may be requested from CA Support and will be released soon as an APAR for r11.6 SP02.  This KB article will be updated when that support is made generally available.