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Agile Central - Reports: Double data is showing on all Flow Diagram and Burndown charts for 8/24/18 and 8/27/18


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Double data or twice the expected amount of data is showing on Agile Central charts, including Flow Diagrams and Burndown Charts for 8/2418 and 8/27/18. 

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The root cause of the issue is the result of the proactive script which was put in place a few months ago. It went out of synch on the servers and returned a false negative which in turn triggered a report repair when it was not necessary.


Component: ACSAAS


Agile Central Engineering has discovered and has temporarily inactivated our proactive report failure script which caused the spiked or duplicate report calculations showing on all Flow Diagram and Burndown charts for 8/24/18, 8/27/18, 8/28/18. 

Coding will be put in place to prevent this in the future. 

In order to fix this issue in the most expedient and efficient way, dev/ops will remove all calculations depicted on the reports on each of the three affected days. This does not remove any of your actual data – rather, it will refresh the calculated reports for your workspace(s). 

Support will initiate fresh report repairs for each of the affected days in all 24 time zones. This process affects all customers in all time zones and we will thus need to run the repairs over a three-day time frame, starting 8/29/18. As a result, customers will notice the ‘spikes’ or doubled calculations temporarily removed from their reports. As the repairs run over 24 hours for the next three days the correct calculations will be restored to the reports. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.   

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