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Rename Object options are greyed out and not functioning as expected


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Reproduction steps:
1. Locate a job that's used in a workflow or being referenced in other objects.
2. Right-click on that job and click on Rename
ACTUAL: The list of objects that's being referenced is greyed out and cannot be selected. Also, when 'Rename and Update Selected' is clicked, the Product doesn't actually rename it:


EXPECTED: The list of objects that's being referenced is able to be selected and when you click on 'Rename and Update Selected', it will rename the object in those references. 




This is expected behavior:

Replacing renamed objects used in script (as in the example below) does not work:


This will be found if Search within Script is enabled, but current functionality does not allow for changing references in this fashion:



Replacing is not possible in scripts. Please edit the script manually. 

This will require modification within the listed objects themselves (for example, in the Process or !Process tab) to change the name.


Additional Information

This is explained in the documentation, section Restrictions: