Project Status Icons Show Incorrect Colors
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Project Status Icons Show Incorrect Colors


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


The "Stage" icons are not showing in the correct color for some projects (but not all). 

Typically we would expect to see the Stage column appear like this:

But what we are seeing is that the "end arrows" are all grey and not green as expected:


CA PPM - All Versions


The color of the stage icon is being driven by the "Schedule Status" filed in this environment.  The field is updated based on the last status report on each project, which is then read by a custom process, which then updates the Schedule Status field.  The project where this issue occurred had no value in the Schedule Status field, thus the icon had no color shown on it.  This was caused by a status report not being set to final, and not having actual status values set on it.


To prevent this from happening, due to the way this is configured in this specific environment. all status reports need to be set to final, and have proper status values set on them so when the process and job is run, the Schedule Status field is populated, and the proper color is applied to the stage icon.