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Can not deploy to windows 2003 server with ADE 8.54


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We updated our ADE probe to 8.54 or new to correct known issue or due to a UIM upgrade.
After updating the ADE we can no longer deploy to windows 2003 server the process always fails.
Why is this failing and how can we correct this?


ADE 8.54 uses a java library which implements SMB v2+ protocol for file operations. And windows 2003 does not support SMBv2+ protocol.


UIM 9.0 and newer
ADE 8.5 and newer


If you are running UIM 8.51 you need to remain on ADE 8.51
if you are on UIM 9.0 or newer you will need to update your OS to a supported version to use ADE.