CABI Reports list in Dashboard: how to add a custom report
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CABI Reports list in Dashboard: how to add a custom report


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How can a custom report be added to the predefined list available in the CABI dashboard?


UIM 8.51 or higher 


Following are the steps that can be used to get what desired:

In jasper: 
- Create 'Ad Hoc View' 
- UIM Domain 
- Choose Data, Alarms Only (for example) 
- OK 
- In New Ad Hoc View: 
Table Full Data 
On the left selected the columns and groups 
- 'Save Ad Hoc View As' 
- Put it in: root, Organizations, Unified Infrastructure Management, shared, adhoc, adhoc_reports - given a name in Data View Name ('Alarms by host' in this sample) 
- Save 

- Home 
- Creation of Dashboard 
- Create 'Dashboards' 
- Select on the left the Data View created before 
- Save Dashboard 
- Put it in Public, ca, UIM, dashboards, common 
- Save 

Connection to UMP 
Target is to have the dashboard under 'Unified Dashboard', 'CA Business Intelligence' 
- Go to -> Control Panel 
- Site Pages (on the left) 
- Private Pages (tab on the right) 
- Under: 
Private Pages 
Unified Dashboard 
CA Business Intelligence Dashboards 
- Click on Add Child Page tab 
- Give a name (My custom dashboard, for example) 
- Click on Add Page 
- Click on 'My custom dashboard 
- Click on Add Child Page 
- Give a name (My Alarm dashboard) 
- Add page 
- Click on the left on My Alarm Dashboard 
- Click on tab 'Copy portlets from page' 
- In 'Copy from page' select any 
- Copy 
- Click on Save 
- Go to -> My private pages 
- Unified Dashboards, CA Business Intelligence, My Custom Dashboards, My Alarm dashboard To modify the selection (any) done before: 
- Click on the wrench, Preferences 
- In Dashboard path select the dashboard created before 
- Save 
- Return to Full Page