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How to allow a user to change the Logo News on the TPX Logon Panel?


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


A user cannot edit the Logo News. How can this be allowed?


Component: TPX


The two lines of logo news can be edited from internal application TPXMAIL in Option "16 - Update Logo news". When a user starts TPXMAIL he sees the "TPX Message Menu" panel and a total of 16 options. If Option 16 is not shown in bright white color the user has no right to access that Option.

In that case check which Command Authority table is selected for that user. Go to TPXADMIN, select "1 - TPX User/Group Maintenance", then "3 - User Maintenance" and enter the userid in question. Select "1 - TPX User Options" and you see the Group name and the Command Class selected for the user (for Command Class the leftmost Character is the valid one).

Now you have two choices: Either select a different Command Class which allows the user to edit the Logo news or change that Command Class so that it allows that edit.

Here the second way is shown: In TPXADMIN, select "1 - TPX User/Group Maintenance", then "Command Authorization Class (CMDT)". Then select the Group the user belongs to and finally the Command Authorization Class.
In panel "TPX Command Authorization Class Detail Panel" hit PF8 and in the lower left you can change the value of Option "Update logo news from Mail" from 'N' to 'Y'.
Finally reload that Command Class using TPXOPER Command RELOAD CMDT=<name_of_class_table>
After the user logged off/on he is able to edit the Logo News.