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How to convert a string to upper case or lower case in CA APIM Gateway


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


CA API Gateway doesn't have string processing assertions.
But gateway has xpath assertion supports xpath functions which can be used to convert a string to upper case or lower case.


Component: APIGTW


The gateway 9.3 supports xpath 2.0, but the gateway in old version may only support xpath 1.0. 
  • Function for both xpath 1.0 and xpath 2.0:
translate(string1,string2,string3) -- Converts string1 by replacing the characters in string2 with the characters in string3

xpath expression example for upper case:
  • Functions for xpath 2.0:
  1. upper-case(string) -- Converts the string argument to upper-case
  2. lower-case(string) -- Converts the string argument to lower-case
xpath expression example for lower case:
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