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Open Workbench access via Reverse proxy


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


When using Open Workbench via reverse proxy, Save and save As function might fail.

Checking the access.log files we might find the session ID is missing on the POST request:

Access log without reverse proxy     There is session id at the end of URL.
xx.xx.xx.xx|[07Aug/2018:18:16:15 +0900]POST /niku/app?buildVersion=800
&version=117440512 HTTP/1.1|200|44|46|5903078__ED49B438-0A57-4084-90F8-A4BEA66F8AB9

Access log with reverse proxy           There is no session id at the end of URL
xx.xx.xx.xx|[07Aug/2018:18:13:36 +0900]POST /niku/app?buildVersion=800
&version=117440512 HTTP/1.1|200|59|18|


PPM needs to use the same session (Sticky Session) in a multi server environment.
Open Workbench also requires Sticky Session.


All environment


Configure Reverse proxy to enable Sticky Session.