Recommended 6.3 CABI Server Silent Install Instructions for UIM cabi_external Probe Integration
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Recommended 6.3 CABI Server Silent Install Instructions for UIM cabi_external Probe Integration


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The following Document provides the recommended steps for installing 6.3 CABI Server on Linux using the silent install procedure for use with the UIM cabi_external probe

The Silient Install instructions for the 6.3 CABI Server on Linux systems are not clear.  This document provides the consolidated steps to follow using the bundled third party applications available in the 6.3 CABI Server for Linux distribution package for a silent CABI Server install.


UIM/UMP 8.51
cabi_external 3.2
CABI Server 6.3


1. From the root user account, create the following directories on the Linux server where the 6.3 CABI Server will be installed:

mkdir -p /opt/CA/CABI
mkdir /opt/CA/CABI/java
mkdir /opt/CA/CABI/tomcat
mkdir /opt/CA/CABI/postgres
2. Download a copy of the CABI Server standalone installation package from  For example, the 6.3 CABI Server standalone installation package for UIM used in this example is GEN06095305M.tar.gz  Put a copy of this compressed tar file in the /opt/CA/CABI directory, then extract the contents with the following command:

cd /opt/CA/CABI
gzip -cd GEN06095305M.tar.gz | tar xf –
3.  Using the bundled third party applications contained in the CABI Server installation package, put a copies of the default application zip files in the appropriate directories and extracted them as follows:

cp /opt/CA/CABI/ca_install/DefaultCompennts/ /opt/CA/CABI/java
cp /opt/CA/CABI/ca_install/DefaultCompennts/ /opt/CA/CABI/tomcat
cp /opt/CA/CABI/ca_install/DefaultCompennts/ /opt/CA/CABI/postgres
cd /opt/CA/CABI/java
cd /opt/CA/CABI/tomcat
cd /opt/CA/CABI/postgres
unzip /opt/CA/CABI/postgres
4.  Add the following to the root user’s .bashrc script to make the changes only for the root user:

export JAVA_HOME
export PATH

5.  Add execute permissions to the tomcat and postgres directory contents for all users:

chmod -R 777 /opt/CA/CABI/tomcat
chmod -R 777 /opt/CA/CABI/postgres
6.  Created the postgres group and user:

groupadd postgres
useradd -g postgres postgres
7.  Log in as the postgres user and create the base database:

su - postgres
/opt/CA/CABI/postgres/bin/initdb -D /opt/CA/CABI/postgres/data

8. Created a log directory then initiated the database:

mkdir /opt/CA/CABI/postgres/log
/opt/CA/CABI/postgres/bin/pg_ctl -D /opt/CA/CABI/postgres/data -l /opt/CA/CABI/postgres/log/postgres.log start

9.  Created the cabiuser and assigned the appropriate role to this user:

/opt/CA/CABI/postgres/bin/psql postgres postgres
create user cabiuser with password 'password';
alter user cabiuser with superuser;
These instructions create the cabiuser with the password set to the string password.  You can specify any supported password you would like to use for the cabiuser.  You will need this for step #11.

10.  Log out of the postgres user account and go back to the root user:



su - root

11.  Modify the /opt/CA/CABI/ca_install/ file so the file contains the following settings:

[email protected]
[email protected]

Be sure to set the dbPassword key value to the password used for the cabiuser specified in step #9.

12.  Run ran the CABI Server silent install:

cd /opt/CA/CABI/cabi_installer/ca_install -r -l install_1.log

13.  After a successful install, start the tomcat service:


14.  Verify that you can access the CABI Server from a web browser on the robot where you will deploy the cabi_external probe:

http://<CABI Server hostname>:8080/jasperserer-pro

15.  Install the cabi_external probe on the desired robot following the instructions from the cabi_external instalation Wiki page:

Install or Upgrade for an External CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server

16.  After the cabi_external probe is successfully installed, transfer a copy of the uim-cabi-overlay-installer.jar file from the <InstallPath>/nimsoft/probes/service/cabi_external/config/bin directory on the cabi_external robot to the /opt/CA/CABI directory on the Linux CABI Server.

17.  Stop the CABI web server, run the UIM CABI overlay installer, then start the CABI web server on the Linux CABI server from the root user account:

cd /opt/CA/CABI
java -jar uim-cabi-overlay-installer.jar