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How to configure a newly created CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) Role for the role's users be able to see My Incidents/My Requests tiles apart from My Tasks in the CA Service Management app?


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CA Service Management app uses permissions and Scoreboard Queries assigned to the REST API Role mentioned on the app user's access type. If a newly created Role is assigned as the REST API Role for a user's access type, that user is not able to see My Incidents or My Requests when using the CA Service Management app.


The CA Service Management app is specifically looking for USQ (User Stored Query) records associated to the specific role (mobilerole) in step 1 above 

07/Aug/2018:05:47:04 -0700] "GET /caisd-rest/usq/?size=1&WC=%20role_persid%20in%20(%27role%3A400001%27)%20AND%20factory%20%3D%20%27cr%27%20AND%20(query_where_clause%20LIKE%20%27%25type%20%3D%20%5C%27%27P%5C%27%27%25%27%20OR%20query_where_clause%20LIKE%20%27%25type%3D%27%27P%27%27%25%27%20OR%20query_where_clause%20is%20null)&_dc=1533646033664 HTTP/1.1" 200 108 

As the role was just created, there are no User Stored Query records for this role, and so the behavior of missing My Incidents tile.


Consider this use case:
1) Create a new SDM Role (example: by Copying an existing role - Administrator - call it  mobilerole)
2) Duplicate an existing Access Type, Service Desk Analyst and call it mobileaccess
3) Create a new user (mobileuser) with 
    Contact Type = Analyst
    Licensed = yes
    Access Type = mobileaccess
    REST API Role = mobilerole 
    Set Authentication as Open Access for ease of testing this user's access into SDM. This can be restricted later
4) On the role mobilerole, fill in regular classic UI form details on the role
    Web User Interface Type : Analyst 
    Customization form group = Analyst
5) Create an Incident and assign it to mobileuser 
6) Login to SDM UI as mobileuser, verify that the Incident shows 
7) Attempt to login to CA Service Management app as mobileuser to note that My Incidents / My Requests tile does not show up 



Customize the scoreboard for mobilerole to 
1) add couple of scoreboard nodes to qualify realistic user stored queries/scoreboard queries for that user's role
2) logout and login as mobileuser to SDM classic UI to verify the scoreboard queries show up fine
3) logout and login as mobileuser to the CA Service Management app now, the tile My Incidents  should show up fine now