Install or Upgrade an Agent or Scalability Server using Deploywrapper
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Install or Upgrade an Agent or Scalability Server using Deploywrapper


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This document provides instructions and examples on how to use Deploywrapper (Deploywrapper.exe) to install a new agent or scalability server, as well as upgrade an existing agent or scalability server.

How to install or upgrade an Agent or Scalability Server using Deploywrapper (Deploywrapper.exe)?


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1- Acquire the Agent or Scalability Server setup files from one of the following sources:
a) The Deployment Wizard Package Library (..\CA\DSM\Packages\Public\CAUnicenterDSM)
Software Delivery Agent:


AM+SD+RC Agent:


Scalability Server:


Note: There are TWO editions of the Agent packages:
a) English only Edition (ENU)
b) Non-Language Specific (NLS)
Note: Existing NLS agents cannot be upgraded by the ENU packages!


b) The Software Delivery Library (..\CA\DSM\SD\ASM\LIBRARY)


Use the library.dct file to find the path to the desired agent or scalability server image you wish to install/upgrade.


c) The ITCM DVD Media (Note: The ITCM DVD Media does not contain the *combined* agent installation packages)


Software Delivery Agent: 
Scalability Server: 


2- Choose the appropriate DeployWrapper.exe command for install or upgrade:


Agent [New Install]:
.\DeployWrapper.exe /DPINST CopiedAgents /qn ALLUSERS=1 /l*v %temp%\ITRMAgentSetup.log

Agent [Upgrade]:
.\DeployWrapper.exe /DPINST CopiedAgents /qn ALLUSERS=1 /l*v %temp%\ITRMAgentSetup.log

Scalability Server [New Install]:
.\Deploywrapper.exe /DPINST Server ALLUSERS=1 /qn /l*v+ %temp%\ITRMServerSetup.log

Scalability Server [Upgrade]:
.\Deploywrapper.exe /DPINST Server ALLUSERS=1 /qn /l*v+ %temp%\ITRMServerSetup.log

Very Important:

When calling Deploywrapper.exe, you must preface with ".\" in order to preface the executable with the full working directory to the current location of the binary.  If calling from within a batch file, you may also use %cd% or %~dp0.

Additional Information

The following are CASE SENSITIVE:
/DPINST CopiedAgents
/DPINST Server
Some popular installation parameters you might add:
- Change drive letter or path to CA folder:
- Change drive letter or path to SC (Shared Components) folder:
- Example of installing a new scalability server to the D:\CA folder:
Deploywrapper.exe /DPINST Server CA="D:\CA" CASHCOMP="D:\CA\SC" ALLUSERS=1 /qn /l*v+ %temp%\ITRMServerSetup.log
For a complete listing of MSI properties:
For more information on Deploywrapper.exe, please refer: