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SPC-OCA-10360: Connection lost. Either the server is not running or a network problem is preventing access


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


A new SpectroSERVER was installed in a DSS (Distributed SpectroSERVER) environment, but the OneClick web server cannot access it.


There could be a few communication issues causing this. 

1. Hostname cannot be resolved and missing hostname in the Host Resource Configuration (.hostrc) File
2. Network/firewall blocks access
3. Tomcat cache needs to be refreshed


CA Spectrum 10.x


#1: Added the IP/hostname pair in the Windows hosts file.
      Added the hostname in the .hostrc file via Spectrum Control Panel - Host Security

#2: Disabled internal firewall on OneClick host

#3. Restarted Tomcat service on OneClick host

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