How to install CA-TPX panels for Languages other than English?
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How to install CA-TPX panels for Languages other than English?


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Teleview TELEVIEW- PACKAGE TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


TPX supports several languages beside English. This document describes what is needed to do in order to use the panels for other languages.

How can I use panels in other languages for CA-TPX?


Release: NVINAM00200-5.3-TPX-Session Management-Access Management package


TPX supports several languages beside English. The Panel definitions for all languages are found in PANELxx libraries, where xx is one of the following two-character language identifiers:

Identifier    Language             
BF            Belgium French 
BP            Brazilian Portuguese 
DA            Danish 
DU            Dutch 
EN            English 
FI            Finnish 
FR            French 
GE            German 
IT            Italian 
JP            Japanese 
NO            Norwegian 
SF            Swiss French 
SG            Swiss German 
SP            Spanish 
SW            Swedish 
UP            Upper Case English 

The member 'hlq.CB0VJCL(INSTPNLS)' contains the JCL to install panel libraries. Before submitting this Job follow the instructions documented at the beginning of that Job:

  1. Supply an appropriate Job Card for this job.

  2. Modify the substitution parameters to meet your sites requirements on the "unload" proc.

  3. Change the TVOL parameter to the serial number specified on the Tape Label.

  4. Change ???????? to the Prefix of the SMPE.CSI VSAM File.

  5. Change ## to Language Suffix (per above Table).

  6. Replace % with FMID Suffix (per above table).

In the TPX-Startjob you need to add the libraries downloaded from tape to the PANELS DD-Card. Here the German and French panels are added:


Additional Information

The default language for users is set in the 6th panel of SMRT. This value can be overwritten by a Profile or in User Settings.