Oracle Database: Collect engines slow to process inventory files.
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Oracle Database: Collect engines slow to process inventory files.


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When ITCM is installed to an Oracle database, it is observed that Engines running the collect task are taking considerable amounts of time to process individual inventory files.  Some files may take 20 minutes or more for the engine to process:
240718-11:28:31.4906681L|004820|000012d8|Engine_Col|cmEngine |cCollectJob::DoColle|000000|INFO | Processing of File:E:\CA\DSM\SERVERDB\SECTOR\COLLECT\00000001\1A1B3FF0-81F6-4F30-B146-FC337A8DDD79.I00 Begin 
240718-11:28:31.4907379L|004820|000012d8|Engine_Col|cmEngine |cCollectJob::DoColle|000000|INFO | Processing FT_INVENTORY File (New Model) 
240718-11:44:30.8287312L|004820|000012d8|Engine_Col|cmEngine |cCollectJob::DoColle|000000|INFO | Processing of File:E:\CA\DSM\SERVERDB\SECTOR\COLLECT\00000001\1A1B3FF0-81F6-4F30-B146-FC337A8DDD79.I00 done

In further inspection of the log file, SQL transactions associated with processing the inventory file have a noticeable delay.


Client Automation (ITCM) -- 12.9 FP2


Please open a support case to request patch T5IZ397 (Collect task hung).