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Trying to use MSSQL instance when defining external DB connections for vApp


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We are deploying vApp 14.2, at the customer has run into problems when trying to Configure external Database connections.
We specified IP Address, database Name, Database Instance, Username, Password and let Port as 1433.  the error message is "Failed to connect to the database: Login failed for user 'xxx'".  
This error suggests the database doesn't exist.


This new instance is not listening on the same default port (1433) but on 53147 port (e.g.). 
To find this new listening port, I ran "SQL Server Configuration Manager", noted the Process ID for my SQL instance (e.g.: 7496) and 
performed a netstat -abo|find "7496". 


Identity Suite Virtual Appliance r14.x


So with the appropriate port number (e.g.: 53147), the external database configuration connections test is successful.